Fine motor skills are activities in which you use the small muscles in your hands and wrists to make precise movements.

They are different from gross motor skills like running and jumping

which use larger muscles.

Fine motor skills are finger and hand skills such as writing, cutting, opening lunch boxes, and tying shoelaces.

Easy way to improve fine motor skills:-

  • Play-dough

Tactile play with good old favorite materials like play-dough is a great way for kids to experiment and build fine motor skills. To make this even more interesting you could make the play-dough with your child first before they play with it.

  • Puzzles

Do puzzles together, picking up and moving puzzle pieces into place helps develop pincer grasp.

  • Drawing, colouring in and painting

Encourage your child to draw and paint. This helps not only their fine motor skills, but also creativity and imagination too. Try different mediums like crayons, chalk, finger paints, brush

painting or charcoal, to spark their interest and strengthen your child’s hand-eye coordination.

  • Using kitchen thongs or tweezers

Create a game for kids can using a small pair of kitchen tongs or tweezers to pick up some small objects like grapes, pasta, and buttons, coins into a bowl.

  • Cutting with scissors

Using scissors is a great way to strengthen fine motor skills as well as improve eye- hand coordination and concentration.

You can draw shapes for your child to cut around., Make some paper snowflakes. Even cut play

-dough. Make sure you use age appropriate scissors.

  • Bath time play

Use cups to fill and pour out, sponges or squeaky rubber toys to squeeze. Try not to stress about water going on the floor, you can always wipe it up afterwards.

  • Sand play

Like bath time play, using cups to fill and pour and out is fantastic fun and also encourage sensory development.

Scoop and dig with spoons. Use moulds, Draw pictures, and build things. If you are inside, magic or kinetic sand is great attractive.

  • Build with blocks and Lego

Stack, connect and build things together with blocks and lego. These activities encourage fine pushing and pulling movements. Lego us also great for fostering creativity. Building with LEGO

is an effective way to work and develop your child’s fine motor skills.

As children build and even pick up LEGO pieces they will, build stronger muscles in their hands, and improve Co-ordination, this will help them ro improve with other skills, such as learning to hold a pencil and learning ro write.

Other skills children can learn from playing with Lego include., persistence , a sense of accomplishment ans an improved ability to solve puzzles.

  • Eye dropper tests

Put some water a few glasses. Pour a few drops food coloring in each glass, so that you have different coloured water in each glass.

Have a couple of empty bowls and glasses where kids can use an eye dropper to experiment with mixing different coloured water together.

  • Threading and lacing

Thread different size pasta or beads onto strings, laces and pipe cleaners. Tie knots and bows in the string. Finger knitting is easy and fun tool.

Fine motor skills depends on the power of small muscles of hand and finger and it’s also associated with the movement of wrist and elbow as well as shoulder. Muscle flexibility also determines the quality of motor skills. Eye hand coordination also plays an important role in the functioning of hand in kids. Any kind of neurological problem like ischaemic brain injury, meningitis in childhood, cerebral palsy, hemiplegia other hypoxic injury to brain during the course of delivery are the major reason for difficulty in motor skills depending upon the lesion happened to the brain. Right intervention at right time can overcome this problem and helps our munchkins led a better life. 

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