Physiotherapy for children is as much an art as it is a science

“Physiotherapy for the children is as much an art as it is a science. More than clinical knowledge, it requires embodying childlike wonder, imagination, and empathy. An effective pediatric physiotherapist becomes a child again to truly understand their young patients’ interests and perspectives. They tap into children’s inner resilience and self-motivation to make each therapeutic exercise a game to master. Pediatric physiotherapy is the craft of guiding children to physical achievement through play, encouragement and seeing their unlimited possibilities.”

One of my most memorable young patients was Vedant, a vibrant 7-year-old with hemiplegia affecting his right side. Neil’s passion was cricket – it’s all he could talk about during our sessions. His dream was to be able to run and catch the ball alongside his friends. I realized that cricket could be the perfect motivator for Neil.

Before each session, we would spend a few minutes playing catch together, cheering on Vedant’s improved coordination. As Vedant’s dexterity improved, we incorporated cricket activities into his physiotherapy exercises. We worked on abduction and adduction of his legs by having Vedant use his feet to hit a foam ball, pretending it was a cricket bat. To improve Vedant’s balance and strength, I had him practice bowling motions and mimed catching balls hit towards him.

Seeing Vedant’s enthusiasm and smile whenever we brought cricket into his exercises kept me constantly inspired as his therapist. Witnessing his steady improvements in doing activities he loved made the hard work truly rewarding. While helping Vedant chase his dream of playing cricket, I felt like I was 7 years old again too, reminding me of the joy of play I often feel when working with my young patients.”

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