Pain Relief in Chronic Tenosynovitis


Chronic tenosynovitis, characterized by inflammation of the tendon sheath, can be debilitating, affecting one’s ability to perform daily tasks with ease. In this case study, we delve into the journey of a 32-year-old female who had been grappling with persistent pain in the middle finger of her right hand for approximately three years. Despite numerous attempts at finding relief, the sharp pain would exacerbate upon any provocation, hindering her daily activities. However, through an innovative approach utilizing cold laser therapy, cold application, and kinesio taping, the pain was effectively managed in just one session.


The patient, a 32-year-old female, presented with chronic pain localized to the middle finger of her right hand. The pain had been persistent for approximately three years, significantly impacting her quality of life. Any slight aggravation, such as touching objects, would trigger sharp pain, making simple tasks arduous. Upon examination, the diagnosis of tenosynovitis was confirmed, necessitating immediate intervention to alleviate the discomfort.

Painful point
Painful point

Treatment Approach:

Given the chronic nature of the condition and the patient’s history of unsuccessful treatments, a comprehensive approach was adopted. The treatment protocol involved a combination of cold laser therapy, cold application, and kinesio taping to target both the inflammation and instability of the affected finger.

1. Cold Laser Therapy:

Cold laser therapy, also known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT), was employed to reduce inflammation and promote tissue healing. A specialized cold laser device was applied directly to the affected area for a duration of 10 minutes. This non-invasive treatment modality stimulates cellular repair and reduces pain, making it an ideal choice for managing tenosynovitis.

Laser work
Cold laser
Application of cold laser for 10 minutes localised followed by icing of 10 min

2. Cold Application:

Following the cold laser therapy session, cold application was utilized to further alleviate pain and inflammation. Cold packs were applied to the affected finger for 10 minutes, providing immediate relief and enhancing the therapeutic effects of the laser treatment.

3. Kinesio Taping:

To address the instability of the affected finger and prevent further exacerbation of symptoms, kinesio taping was applied. The kinesio tape was strategically placed to stabilize the finger while allowing for partial restriction of flexion, promoting optimal healing and preventing re-injury.

Figure showing kinesio taping application. (image is only for reference) Outcome:

Remarkably, the patient reported significant improvement in her symptoms following the single treatment session. The sharp pain that had plagued her for years was notably reduced, allowing her to perform daily activities with greater ease and comfort. Moreover, the stabilization provided by the kinesio – taping contributed to the long-term management of the condition, reducing the risk of recurrence.


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