Cold, winter months are often associated with sickness, weakened immune systems and stress, leading to an influx of families searching for health remedies. Truth is, however, while the holidays and changing seasons certainly do impact our wellness, a healthy immune system is something we should seek year-round. The immune system of our body can fight viruses, bacteria, and defend us from invaders. Doctors and medical experts often encourage us to take steps to strengthen our immune systems, with emphasis on leading a healthy lifestyle to boost immunity. This includes a nutritious diet and getting ample sleep along with some form of physical activity, such as yoga.

Stress knows no season; and tension can quietly brew without us even realizing it! It isn’t always easy to calm anxiety. tension and noise around us. If ignored, our immune systems can be adversely impacted, leading to illness and ailments — so how do we prevent it?

The answer is by YOGA.

For thousands of years, yoga has been used as a tool to support holistic wellness, cultivating mindful awareness and self-regulation. Today, many health experts and medical professionals support the notion that a consistent yoga practice can indeed positively support a healthy immune system.

Yogic breathing techniques help strengthen your lungs and build immunity of your body. You can practice yoga regularly under expert supervision besides consuming a nutritional diet, getting adequate sleep, and staying stress free

 How can we build immunity in kids by yoga?

Today, the world has come to a near shutdown, and we find ourselves cooped up within the four walls of our houses with young and restless children! If you know a thing or two about children, you will appreciate that being stuck indoors with the hyperactive variety (and when restrained for long, even the quiet ones turn hyperactive!) this ultimately leads to decrease Immunity and that is a time bomb that is waiting to explode! So, needless to say, you need to come up with ways to occupy the wired minds and overactive limbs – through workouts to keep their energies channelized and their bodies exercised.? Yoga asanas are the best bet in a closed and limited space. They are rejuvenating and relaxing, challenging and calming – just the correct combination of contradictions for capricious children! 

So, here’s a guide with number of simple yoga asanas that your kids can do to help increase their immunity. 

Yoga asanas to build immunity

As it is flu season, we have included several poses that will help open up the breathing tracts, boost lung capacity, and prevent respiratory illnesses.

Let’s begin with a deep full-body stretch that will help you warm up the body to begin the set of asanas that will help build your immunity.

That goes for the whole family! Both adults and children can benefit from yoga, and here are some of our favorite family yoga poses to promote a healthy immune system.

1. Candle Pose is perfect for Re-energizing and De-stressing


Shoulder stand is an amazing, energizing yoga pose that supports immunity. Not only does it improve circulation and digestion, this inversion also helps reduce fluid retention! When you’re feeling under the weather, Candle Pose can reduce stress and fatigue while stretching your shoulders and it improving your blood flowing.

2. Fish Pose Helps Provide Respiratory Relief

Fish Pose

Fish pose is a great yoga pose for boosting your immune system and improving breathing. Bad posture, lack of confidence, and stress can cause our bodies to close off and shut down. When we open the chest and heart, and in turn — our lungs, we can help stay consistently energized and even provide relief when we have respiratory ailments.

Combining Candle Pose and Fish Pose, try our “Blue Footed Booby” yoga pose for an immune system boost.

3. Dragon Breathing Helps Reduce Tension

With anxiety and body tension become a higher probability of increased stress hormones and a weakened immune system. Like most ailments, stress is often a significant road block to good health — but mindful breathing can help! A low-impact seated exercise, Dragon Breathing can calm anxiety by improving concentration and focus. Whether  enduring the holiday season, weather changes, or environmental transitions, this type of conscious breathing helps to release anger and negative energy so we can rest and digest! Try it for yourself, or try any of these other breathing exercises for children (and their grown-ups).

4. Savasana Restorative Yoga for Stress Reduction

Savasana may seem like the easiest yoga pose in the books, but it is actually quite the opposite. It is difficult to let go and relax, and much of our built up stress is a direct result of this. When we ground and refocus our energy to positive affirmations, we are able to regulate our breathing, reduce stress, and promote good health.

5. Forward Fold Helps Relax the Central Nervous System

Forward Fold Helps Relax

It is time to wind down, rest and digest! With various Seated Forward Fold yoga poses, both children and adults are able use their imaginations to relax the central nervous system and boost their health. From increasing flexibility, lengthening the spine, and creating focus… it is one of our favorite exercises! If you love the train theme, check out more transportation yoga poses for kids.

6. Seated Twist Yoga for Improved Digestion

Yoga poses that include a body twist are often the best ways to boost and maintain healthy digestion. When seated, these poses become accessible to the whole family (and their abilities), and can also help strengthen our core muscles and lengthen our spines. Our Seated Twist yoga pose variation, Helicopter Pose, includes a shoulder roll to release serotonin (which helps de-stress, relax and calm our bodies).


7. Volcano for an Energizing Yoga Pose

Sometimes we’ve worked up so much energy that we feel as if we’re about to EXPLODE! Maybe your brain feels exhausted, or stress and tension has built up immensely. Take a note from nature and let it go; like a volcano erupting and releasing all that energy. Our fun and interactive Volcano Pose combines Mountain Pose, Forward Fold, and Star Pose to create focus, flexibility and strength.

8. Camel Pose Promotes Loving Kindness

Similar to heart openers like the aforementioned Fish Pose, the Camel yoga pose is a backbend that helps us connect, release grudges and pent-up emotion, and implement a deeper self-care practice.

It goes without saying that our emotions (and the hiding of them) lead to stress and tension in the body, and can ultimately affect our immune systems. Opening the front of the heart positively impacts how we treat others, helping us share more loving kindness. The back of the heart positively affects how we show self-love.

9. Sun Dance for Whole-Body Wellness Practice the Sun Dance (Sun Salutation) to the rhythm of a fun song for a family-friendly yoga sequence that warms up the body, strengthens and stretches. A regular Sun Dance practice promotes healthy cardiovascular stimulation and helps eliminate toxins. Whether grounding with Mountain Pose, stimulating digestion with core movement, or finding peace through movement meditation — your immune system will thank you.

10. Pranayam (Deep Yogic Breath): 

Controlled inhalation and exhalation to promote movement of the diaphragm. It stimulates the flow of lymph fluid in the body and boost the immune system.

11. Bhastrika (Bellows Breath): 

A traditional rapid breathing exercise that energizes your body by improving blood circulation. It also keeps your lungs clear of excess phlegm.

12. Nadishodhan Pranayama (Alternate Nostril Breathing): This gentle breathing technique helps relieve physical stress and mental trauma.

13. Yog Nidra (Relaxation):

 One of the simplest yoga poses which involves meditation to reduce insomnia and improve sleep quality. It helps control stress and anxiety.

14.Marjari Asana (Cat pose):

 A stretching exercise involving your spine and back muscles. It improves digestion and relaxes the mind.

15. Hastapadasana (Standing forward bend): 

A stretching and bending exercise to increase blood circulation to your head. This asana relaxes the minds and relieves anxiety.

16. Trikonasana (Triangle pose): 

Balancing pose that requires you to stretch your body into a triangular shape. Regular practice of this pose helps improve mental and physical stability.

17. Paschimottanasana (Seated forward bend):

 A simple stretching pose to calm the brain and reduce fatigue. It helps soothe anxiety and stress.

18. Shishuasana (Child’s pose):


 An easy to practice sitting posture that helps calms down the nervous system and relax backache.

19.Bhujangasana (Cobra pose): 

Stretching of the shoulders, chest, and abdominal muscles to strengthen them and increase flexibility. This pose also helps in stimulating organs like the heart, lungs, and kidneys by improving blood circulation.

Some factors which affects a child’s immune system:

  • poor eating habits
  • inadequate sleep and/or rest
  • lack of exercise
  • genetics 
  • stress
  • prolonged illness


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