Milestone journey is a bit of bittersweet.

As parents seeing your child grow and achieve small steps is a proud feeling

But if the child is not able to do what’s considered normal at that particular age, it is a matter of concern but seeking right help at the right moment can change the whole scenario.

Firstly, let’s get a brief idea about milestones, gait training and it’s need – 

✓ Delayed milestone, also called developmental delays, is used to describe the condition where a child does not reach one of these stages at the expected age.

✓ What is GAIT TRAINING..???

Gait training is a type of physical therapy. It can help improve your ability to stand and walk. It may help you gain independence in walking


•strengthen your muscles and joints

•improve your balance and posture

• build your endurance and develop your muscle memory

• retrain your legs for repetitive motion

• lower your risk of falls, while increasing your mobility

✓Gait training commonly involves walking on a treadmill and ramp, stair climbing and completing muscle strengthening activities and balance exercises.

✓What Does Gait Training Involve –

It starts by completing a thorough  ASSESSMENT of the child’s current conditions and ability.

Once this has been completed a training programme will be devised specific to the child’s individual needs.

Some of the techniques which will be utilized are listed below :

Balance Exercises

Exercise Programmes ( strengthening and stretching)

Gait Re-education

Manipulation / Mobilisation



Postural Realignment

Range of Movement Exercises


Vestibular Rehabilitation

Core Stability Exercises


Mobility Rehabilitation


Proprioceptive Exercise

Soft Tissue Treatment


Gait training can give children a new sense of ability and achievement and allow them to live a more independent life style.

• Increase independence and reduces fatigue

• Enables more participation at school and it  increases confidence

• Sense of achievement

• Reduce care needs

• Increase ability to exercise more efficient walking patterns

• Decrease reliance on walking aids

• Holistic services meeting child’s needs


• 6-8 months: Sits with support. Concern if not sitting independently by 9 months.

•9 months: Stands while holding on to objects.

•10 months: Pulls to standing.

•12 months: Walks with assistance, along furniture; often able to take one or two unsupported steps. Concern if not walking by 18 months.

•15 months: Walks well, unaided; gait is wide based.

•18 months: Runs well, unaided; gait is wide based.

•2 years: Goes up and down stairs.

•2.5 years: Jumps on both feet; may walk on tiptoes. Concern if cannot jump by school age.

•3 years: Stands on one foot (few seconds). Goes up stairs 1 foot per step, comes down 2 feet per step.

•4 years: Hops on one or both feet. Goes up and down stairs like an adult (1 foot per step). Heel and tiptoe walk.

•5 years: Skips.

•7 years: Balance on one foot for 20 seconds. Should be coordinated.

•Gross motor development beyond age 5-7 years is primarily related to tasks of coordination and are most manifest when the child is engaged in play or sports with other children.

•If the child doesn’t attain these at the respective is termed as milestone delay and a qualified professional should be contacted.

“And just like that, we have a toddler”

 •AGE : 2.5 months

✓ She was diagnosed with Iodine deficiency and milestone delay.

When she came to our clinic, she was Low on energy, didn’t crawl or walk, didn’t speak and had Stranger anxiety.

small achievement

But with the continuous efforts of our team that included :

small achievement 1


Speech therapist

Occupation therapist

She was a happy high on energy child.

From being a clingy she’s cheerful and lively..taking small steps towards toddler-hood , growing and glowing with each and every small achievement.

How to walk

“Everyone falls down. Getting back up is how you learn how to walk.” – Walt Disney

Treatment at Best Physiotherapy and Child rehab clinic in Panchkula

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