Neck pain is it cervical or something else!

Neck pain is the most frequent problem in any age group whether its adolescents, adulthood, mid-age group, and old age group. It has a considerable impact on individual life related to personal or professional. Sometimes it is so severe, that it can lead to anxiety or depression. There is drastically increase in the case of neck pain in industrialized and developed countries as a growing economy of a country demands a lot of weather its Information and technology, electronic and mechanical, education, research, and development at, etc.

What is neck pain

We can say neck pain is some kind of irritation or unpleasant painful sensation in the neck with or without radiating to arms. It is one of the leading causes of disability and loss of economy. Neck pain is the highest disability causing factor in any population of the country. Almost everyone out of the four individual is suffering from neck pain. There is a higher occurrence of neck pain in office and computer workers.


Almost 50 to 65% of the person once in their lifetime has suffered neck pain due to any kind of reason. Thirty to forty percent of the individual has a reoccurrence episode of neck pain in the course of life. It has been seen that a woman has a higher incidence of neck pain compared to the male. The higher-income group community is more prone to neck pain than the lower-income groups. It can be due to more personal stress factor which can be due to professional commitments.

Sometimes it has been reported to have an influence of different weather conditions over the intensity of neck pain. There is also a variation of neck pain intensity in higher altitude inhabitants than lower height inhabitants. Also who has a driving schedule at high altitude at least every day for two to three hours, are at high risk of neck pain compared to the normal workforce. Neck pain is a universal problem affecting all kinds of populations irrespective of age, race, sex and geographical area.

It can be acute or chronic or intermittent. Neck pain has a severe impact on an individual’s life, on the work front as well as emotional wellbeing and can also affect sexual desire and compromises with output and reduce the efficiency of work potential.

Neck pain is more seen in mid is group 35 to 45, most prone age group is young adults around 20 to 30 years. In this age group, people suffer neck pain due to prolonged hours of study or working on a computer for a long time. In Homemakers too, neck pain is one of the leading problems of irritability or dissatisfaction, low mental health, and unhappiness. Constantly prolonged hours of standing in the kitchen doing the household course in standing posture with most of the time head down gradually alter the neck curvature and result in severe pain.

In lactating mothers, neck pain is a very major problem. It is due to the bad ergonomic posture of the body during feeding and diapering which compromise with healthy spine posture and very unpleasant. In pregnant women, neck pain is very common due to an increase in weight, change in walking pattern, lack of exercise it’s a very disheartening situation when you are always in pain and you are not supposed to take any medication as it can affect your fetus.

What causes neck pain

  •  It can be due to the following regions
  • Poor neck posture
  • Anxiety
  • Strain in neck muscles
  • After whiplash injury
  • Degenerative changes in the neck
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Sports injury
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Cervical Spondylosis
  • Mental stress
  • Cervical facet joint arthropathy
  • Any kind of radiculopathy
  • Use of high pillow
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Acute spasm of trapezium
  • Torticollis
  • Wear and Tear of soft tissues
  • Cervical Arthritis
  • Fracture of cervical bones
  • Inflammation
  • Brachial plexus injury
  • Bone infection

Poor neck posture

Poor neck posture is what a casual individual acquires his neck posture during his day to day life. Mostly it is due to our sedentary lifestyle. We are always in a slouched posture that leads to the adaptation or malalignment of a spinal curvature. Neck bones which are called cervical bones either become straight or reversing from its original C curvature or excessive concave, putting constant strain on C7 bone or cervical bones near to occipital region. The position of C shape of the cervical curve changes mostly due to using a high pillow while sleeping or watching TV for prolonged hours.

  • In youngsters prolonged uses of mobile lead to constant head down posture which is the leading cause of neck pain in young children. Individuals who are prone to work on laptops or desktop acquire constant head down positions for long hours which results in a change of cervical curvature from “C” to straight. Most of the X-ray investigation shows the straightening of neck curvature.  Now why this is so-  It is because when our muscles which are the best friend of joints of our body is inactive due to sedentary life. It starts going in reverse form because of which muscle fibers start losing its nutrients supply leading to muscle spasm all around the neck.

The proper channelization of nutrients and water molecules of muscle fibers and joints need movements in the form of stretching and strengthening. Our disc needs an adequate amount of water to remain supple otherwise it will try leading to reduction of disc height. When issues don’t get nutrition, the fibers automatically go into the wear and tear causing multiple trigger points in and around trapezius of the neck and mostly in the scapula border.


  • Anxiety can be due to many reasons. It can be internal or external. Whenever a person is in anxiety, his neck muscles and nerve mainly below the occipital region become tensed which starts causing tension in the tissue which leads to fullness in the neck and head. Neck stiffness from top to the middle of the spine pains due to anxiety. This symptom varied from tension to tightness, stiff and taut. So these symptoms can be moderate to severe. Neck pain due to anxiety becomes very strong sometimes and easy also another time. Neck pain symptoms due to anxiety change from time to time or situation.

Strain in Neck Muscles

Strain in any muscle fibers means any kind of unwanted force has been imposed over the tissues which have causes tissue fiber elongation. It can be a twisting movement or jerky movement, which can be an excessive or wrong stretch given to the neck muscle fiber. Due to excessive elongation, tissue fiber undergoes wear and tear causes inflammatory changes in the neck reason leading to pain. Lack of proper guidance during neck exercise can cause damage to the cervical bones as well as muscles and nerves of that region.

Whiplash injury

It is a sudden excessive force exerted over the cervical bones due to a sudden break in the vehicle or collision during any kind of accident. This sudden force impact is sometimes so serious that it leads to cervical bone fracture or any nerve damage. Post whiplash injury, individuals remain in severe neck pain with numbness and different kind of sensation. Post whiplash injury pain can radiate to arms due to nerve damage. The severity of pain lies in the extent of nerve damage and which nerve root has been injured.

Degenerative Changes in Neck

Degeneration means the process of decline or reduction or deterioration from normal processing or structure or function. Degenerative changes were seen due to growing age. It causes the degeneration of soft tissues surrounding cervical bones and reduction in disc space between the vertebrae. These degenerative changes are the leading cause of pain in an older age group.  The symptoms include pain at C7, sometimes giddiness and pain radiating to arm and forearm most of the time the pain radiation are unilateral. Numbness in the forearm or tingling sensation in the finger is also present in a few cases of cervical pain.

Degeneration causes weakness of cervical bones which can cause bamboo spine or camel hump posture in old age. Many times the posture becomes kyphotic, which means forward bending of the spine. During this stage, it becomes very difficult to manage the neck pain because if we try to work on any part of the spine the other part means lower back starts hurting. Rehabilitation of older people into exercise is also a difficult process as their bones become very brittle due to degeneration.

Road traffic accidents

10 to 15% of neck pain reported is due to any kind of post road traffic accidents which has caused any kind of strain and stress over the muscle surrounding the neck and its ligaments. Road traffic accidents can also cause cervical disc bulge causing pain in the neck and arms.

Sports Injury

While playing sports like Basketball, Javelin throw,  Weightlifting, Boxing and others mostly damage is to shoulder and rotator cuff muscles. The root cause of pain in these kinds is mostly referred from a shoulder injury, very least due to neck injury. Due to bad technique of throwing a sudden movement or high velocity causes sudden movement in the cervical region causing severe shoulder and neck pain. Sports injury also causes thoracic outlet syndrome which causes symptoms of neck pain, shoulder pain and numbness of arm of the forearm.


It is very painful points or spots mostly found at the border of scapula or shoulder blades and also can be at the side of the neck. These are severe irritants and burning pain always feels to press. While examining an individual, shows a jumping sign or a when pressed over the painful points on palpation, one can feel nodules below the muscles and skin and between the muscle fibers. Fibromyalgia gets worse due to an increase in stress or changes in weather conditions. Pain intensity is severe in this problem and it increases by the day passes and settles down with rest.

Cervical spondylosis

It is defined as degenerative changes in cervical bones. It gets worsened with age causing shrinkage and wear and tear of the cervical vertebra in and around the cervical spine. The condition leads to postural deformity and pain. This condition cannot be cured only prevented from the deterioration.

Mental stress

In today’s speedy life Physical health, as well as mental health, is very important. Mental health is like oxygen to physical health.  any kind of disturbance in Mental Health leads to stress which can cause a sharp rise in blood pressure or can alter hormonal mechanism and aggravates secretion of painful neurotransmitters leading to elevation of pain. Stress also shoots up the pressure in blood vessels leading to compromise blood circulation in neck muscles and also in the brain when there is less blood flow. Hence, there will be less oxygenation in the brain which can cause brain tissue damage and giddiness associated with neck pain.

Cervical joint Arthropathy and Radiculopathy

It can be due to degenerative changes and road traffic accidents. It reduces the joint lubrication between each other and hampers with a cervical range of motion leading to stiffness of the muscles and joints causing neck pain.

Muscle stiffness and spasm

This is the most leading cause of neck pain in the mid-age group and computer worker. More than 50% of neck pain conditions are due to muscle stiffness and spasm. A sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise causes muscle stiffness and spasm in cervical curvature causing neck pain.


It is shortening of sternocleidomastoid muscle which can be acquired or congenital. Acquired is mostly due to sleeping for long hours in the wrong neck posture with a high pillow. This causes taut band formation which restricts the flexibility of neck muscle fiber, when trying to do neck movement, it is very painful.

Inflammatory changes

It can be due to any kind of spinal disease like Ankylosing and Spondylosis. Nerve demyelination, Multiple sclerosis, Myelopathies, parkinsonism causes neck pain, giddiness. Neck pain due to this reason is often not common.


Infection in the bone due to meningitis and any other like osteomyelitis and bone tuberculosis can cause neck pain.

Brachial plexus injury

Injury in brachial plexus can be due to an accident or during birth. It causes weakness of unilateral neck muscles and also shoulder muscles. Due to the weakness of muscles, it also has an impact on the neck and causes neck pain.

Do all the neck pain are cervical or what?

As per the incidence, causes and practical experience all the neck pain and not cervical pain.  Most of them muscular is pain due to stiffness, lack of exercise, poor posture, dehydration, poor mental health, This kind of neck pain can be totally cured and life can be pain-free.

Treatment of cervical or neck pain by Best physiotherapist services in dhakoli.

A qualified physiotherapist is skilled enough to help you in relieving your neck pain. The physiotherapist examines your root cause of neck pain whether it is muscular or cervical or pathological. If the pain is muscular or cervical, Physiotherapy treatment is a very good choice of alternative treatment to help you in your pain reduction. For the pathological condition, you must consult a concerned doctor.

Blossom physiotherapy has, well-qualified team of physiotherapist services in dhakoli., Ultra-modern equipment of pain relief. Here physiotherapist examines your posture, your neck range of motion, your scapular rhythm. Based on the examination of the neck and Shoulder, there will be a Physiotherapy prescription including electrotherapy and exercise therapy. Electrotherapy includes various pain-relieving modalities, exercise will include- Muscle Energy Technique Stretching exercises or strengthening exercises, joint mobilization, manual cervical traction, Social awareness and techniques of postural correction.

A well-designed ergonomic will be suggested to you to do modifications at your workplace to adjust yourself in a good neck posture. Blossom physiotherapy is ready to help you in every manner. We understand your commitments for work. For further information log into

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